Planning High

Maybe it’s the rush of creative juices, or the excitement of the many possibilities of a blank slate, but one of my most favourite parts of interior design is concept development and space planning. 🖊


Right now I’m getting back to the initial plans for a rental suite, the location of which naturally lends itself to a farmhouse style – one of my most favourite aesthetics!

Because the space is partially finished, there isn’t much flexibility with the layout, which means I have to work within tight limits to achieve the right plan — a challenge I can’t get enough of!

There will be a lot of plumbing work 🚽, as well as electrical 💡and framing 🔨to create two bedrooms.

A window needs to be removed for this to happen, and two egress windows need to be added 🖼🖼…so I can see the budget for finishes and decorative detail dwindling down even before any work has begun…but I’m optimistic, and super excited to show what can be done to this space, even with a small budget. 💸👏👏

Stay tuned!

👋 Vera

Summer-End Promo

Summer is coming to an end soon, and I feel that’s a good reason for a service promotion! ☀️

From now until the end of September I’m offering 25% off my home staging services. 🚩🚩🚩

And you can take advantage of this awesome deal even if you’re not selling your house!💡☝️

Staging will freshen up your home by decluttering, enhancing flow, and creating a more cohesive aesthetic (psst, and we can even work with your existing furniture) 🛋 🙂

This can give you a fresh start and clarity of mind for the new school year ahead, and is much cheaper than a full redesign! 🙌

🚩Promo Prices 🚩

⬇️ Spaces below 3000 sq/ft start at $540+GST 

⬆️ Spaces above 3000 sq/ft start at $720+GST

Email me to set up a free consultation and see if this is the right solution for you.

👋 Vera