Botanical Wall

If I love a dress a friend is wearing, I will ask where she got it, and I will buy it and I will wear it, regardless of the silent disapproval. 🤭  I feel that if you love something, there is no shame in acquiring it, even if someone else “got to it first”.

In this case, when I stumbled upon the photo below on Pinterest, I immediately felt that my life would be incomplete without that same botanical grid in my dining room!  I loved how crisp and colourful it looked – a real modern take on botanical artwork.

Source: Dimples & Tangles

I searched high and low for the same book of botanical drawings and finally found a used one that wasn’t outrageously expensive. When it came in the mail, I imagined myself using the same butterfly pictures Jennifer used, since that’s what I loved most in the Pinterest photos 🦋, but upon closer inspection I realized they just didn’t coordinate with my soon-to-be curtains.  

Unfortunately, at first glance it seemed that all the images with the perfect colours were phobia-inducing spiders and insects…not the vibe I was going for in the dining room.

It took several hours of going through every page in the book to first find a selection of images in the right colours (with minimal bugs),  and then to lay out the right composition.

In the end, I actually got a few pretty butterflies in, and decided to throw a zebra into the mix – to lighten up the otherwise pretty traditional artwork.

I should note that I didn’t start this project as soon as I got the book, since I needed to find the right frames first. Because I needed at least 9 frames, I had to hold out until I found big enough ones for a low enough price.

A Dollarama came through for me eventually, with some matted black frames at just $3 a pop. If you don’t know, that’s a steal! 👏

The mattes that came in the frames allowed me to nicely crop each picture. The challenging part was the hanging, since the loops on the back side were in different spots on each frame, but c’est la cheap frame vie!

The day was long since done by the time I’d finished, but the result was worth the effort.  It doesn’t look exactly like my inspiration but it fits beautifully with the rest of the space, and really anchors the dining table in the room.

Here it is in all its finished glory!

To me it feels nostalgic, and warm and welcoming.

It’s the first thing you see when you walk up the stairs, and it’s exactly the impression I want to give to anyone entering my home…though my husband still feels that there are too many bugs 🙄

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