Room for Two

When we were searching for a house for our then family of three, our realtor advised us to consider a 3-bedroom, because it is better for resale than a 2-bedroom.

In the area we were looking, 3 bedroom townhomes are essentially the same square footage, but with smaller rooms.

The place we fell in love with had 2 bedrooms, and was really bright and well laid out. I knew that we were buying a relatively long-term home, so I didn’t feel that our choice should based on “resale” potential. We bought it, and we haven’t looked back 🏡❤

So what does two bedrooms mean for a growing family?

At some point it became customary for each child to immediately have their own bedroom, though there are many benefits to sharing a room with siblings. 👫

First and foremost, I want my kids to learn how to share a space and toys, while respecting each other and others’ personal belongings. And if the choice is between two small barely functional bedrooms and one large functional space…I think it’s a no-brainer! 💡💡💡

Now that our family has gained a member, we’re gearing up to transform the kids bedroom to suit the needs of two girls, and I’m so excited!

We’re removing the original built in closet to build in a loft bed, leaving lots of floor space for playing.

Current state of bedroom – warts and all. Built in storage is going to help a lot!

We’ve already installed a wardrobe to replace the lost closet space, and will be building in a window bench with storage below to house all the extra toys and books. Something akin to this:

Source: Samantha Pynn for HGTV

My 6-year-old is excited about the changes, and has been mentally preparing to share her room as soon as she found out she’s going to be a big sister.

Once baby has outgrown the “roll off the bed” and “swallow anything” phase, she will be officially moving to The Girls Room, and I can’t wait for them to take their sisterhood to the next level 💪 ;

Bedtime chats, inside jokes, playing and giggling instead of sleeping, telling each other stories, and sharing their dreams 

I know that sharing a room will come with conflicts and challenges, but it will teach them valuable skills and bring invaluable bonding — and I can’t wait to create the space to facilitate all that!

💞 Vera

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