Hard Work Wednesday

I’m not adverse to hard work. I have taken on many do-it-yourself projects in the name of creativity, thriftiness, and saving money for myself and my clients.

More often than not I forget to document the process because either I am so excited and involved in my project (like the time I refinished a beautiful teak director’s chair for my brother and sister-in-law ✨👏), or I just want to get it over with as soon as possible (like the time I reglazed a [supposedly unused] bidet for a client 🤢🤫).

In any case, it’s nice to remember both the labour of love and just the labour I’ve put in over the years! 😄 For that, I am starting #hardworkwednesday as a way to compile all those DIY projects (such as the botanical print grid pictured above) and other “hard work” I am so drawn to! More on the picture grid project and others to come 📻

👋 Vera

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