Botanical Wall

If I love a dress a friend is wearing, I will ask where she got it, and I will buy it and I will wear it, regardless of the silent disapproval. 🤭  I feel that if you love something, there is no shame in acquiring it, even if someone else “got to it first”.

In this case, when I stumbled upon the photo below on Pinterest, I immediately felt that my life would be incomplete without that same botanical grid in my dining room!  I loved how crisp and colourful it looked – a real modern take on botanical artwork.

Source: Dimples & Tangles

I searched high and low for the same book of botanical drawings and finally found Continue reading “Botanical Wall”

Interior Design is not a luxury

When I started Design school I knew that I wanted to have my own business when I graduated, and I knew that I wanted to provide services for people with typical (read: small) budgets. I truly believe in the importance of a well designed home, and that it shouldn’t only be accessible to those with $$$ spilling out of their wallets.

Interior Design doesn’t need to be a luxury, and it is as much about practicality as it is about beauty. It starts with the simple question – how are you going to use the space?

Design is in the accessibility of your favourite accessories or food. It’s in the comfort of your sofa, and the location of your favourite reading spot. It’s in the availability of sufficient seating for your dinner guests, and the arrangement of your living room for the various activities your family performs daily.

When your home meets your needs, your quality of life increases. And when your home reflects your taste and style, it becomes a truly special place. Everyone deserves a home that feels special and functions well for their way of life, and the best thing is that you don’t always need to hire a professional to help you achieve this goal!

Simply ask yourself the question, “how do I…” or “how do I want to use this space?”, and be conscious of anything that isn’t working for you.

When you shift from trying to make your life fit your home, to making your home fit your life, it can open you up to very creative and rewarding solutions.

Follow the hashtag #designtiptuesday on Instagram for weekly design tips that may inspire you to make small changes on the way to achieving your ideal space!

👋 Vera

Hard Work Wednesday

I’m not adverse to hard work. I have taken on many do-it-yourself projects in the name of creativity, thriftiness, and saving money for myself and my clients.

More often than not I forget to document the process because either I am so excited and involved in my project (like the time I refinished a beautiful teak director’s chair for my brother and sister-in-law ✨👏), or I just want to get it over with as soon as possible (like the time I reglazed a [supposedly unused] bidet for a client 🤢🤫).

In any case, it’s nice to remember both the labour of love and just the labour I’ve put in over the years! 😄 For that, I am starting #hardworkwednesday as a way to compile all those DIY projects (such as the botanical print grid pictured above) and other “hard work” I am so drawn to! More on the picture grid project and others to come 📻

👋 Vera